Gravity Forms Sass

I do a lot of development with WordPress, and most every site needs forms in one way or another. Gravity Forms is my go-to, it is very easy to use and really powerful. The only issue I really have is the styling used is just bloated. Each page gets crowded with several style sheets and the code is very specific so it makes it hard to override.

Yay, an Update!

Gravity Forms Sass now has Bower support! Also a fancy new page on Github.

So I set out to make a more minimal set of styles to use for GF, as well as making it Sass based to benefit from variables and mixins. So here is Gravity Forms Sass for your using pleasure.

So far it includes styling for most components such as,

  • Required fields with error syling
  • GF ready classes
  • Multi part forms (mostly)

It is a new project and will continue to evolve over time.

Check it out on GitHub and feel free to fork away!

Ryan Oson

I am a front-end developer with a love for WordPress. I am a total coffee fiend and may be addicted to Destiny 2 on PS4.

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