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Debugging With Better Error Logs

Debug logs. Super helpful yet super annoying to look at and sometimes try to find what you need to. Well, if you have not heard of it yet let me introduce you to Pimp my log.

Just as its title suggests, this app gives you a much better view of all your log files, from PHP to NGINX and Apache. Several customization options to fit your needs, my favorite so far is setting the time zone to be my own and not the servers!

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Custom Site Suspended Page in WordPress MultiSite

Here is another small plugin, WP Site Suspended. It is simply a simple way to alter the appearance and message that WordPress shows if you archive a site in MultiSite.

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WordPress Login Customizer Plugin

I wanted a simple way to be able to customize login pages for sites we make, thought I would clean it up and put it on GitHub in case anyone else looks for the same thing.

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WordPress Development Up and Running with Vagrant

There are a ton of great posts about Vagrant, this is meant to be a very quick tutorial on how I get up and running with it for WordPress development. Written from the viewpoint of a Mac, currently running Yosemite.

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