BrowsingBetter Overhaul

Note: This project is no more, never gained any traction. Oh well! Code remains on Github…just in case.

A couple years ago I launched a project site called, as my own little “try to help the web” idea. After a long while overdue, the site has received a massive overhaul. Designer friend Josh Cagwin provided me a sweet concept PSD to work with and with the help of coffee and Twitter’s Bootstrap, the monster has a new face.

Browsing Better Than Before!


Beyond the facelift, BrowsingBetter sports completely new screenshot walkthroughs for all of the important aspects of upgrading, including installing a new browser and importing/exporting bookmarks.

All of the code for BB is on Github, so if you are the contributing type, fork it and help make the web a better place. Even if just to point out my mistakes.

Be sure to check it out and give it a tweet, or something. Oh yeah, and tell your parents to upgrade!

Ryan Oson

I am a front-end developer with a love for WordPress. I am a total coffee fiend and may be addicted to Destiny 2 on PS4.

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