WordPress Development Up and Running with Vagrant

There are a ton of great posts about Vagrant, this is meant to be a very quick tutorial on how I get up and running with it for WordPress development. Written from the viewpoint of a Mac, currently running Yosemite.

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Developing WordPress Locally, a Smashing Magazine Post

Stoked to have this tutorial published on smashingmagazine! Hop on over and check out my walkthrough on developing WordPress in a local developer environment and deploying to a live server.

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How To Build a Joomla! Template

My newest tutorial, and probably my most in depth one yet, has just been published on NetTuts! I have wanted to get an article there for a while now, and am thrilled I finally have. Please go check it out and leave a comment, there or here.

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How To Build Custom Homepage For WordPress

I am super excited to post this teaser here today, because the whole post is published over on tutorial9.net!

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