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Note: This project is no more, never gained any traction. Oh well! Code remains on Github…just in case.

A couple years ago I launched a project site called, as my own little “try to help the web” idea. After a long while overdue, the site has received a massive overhaul. Designer friend Josh Cagwin provided me a sweet concept PSD to work with and with the help of coffee and Twitter’s Bootstrap, the monster has a new face.

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Move The Web Forward

The web is one of the most exciting places to work because it is ever changing and evolving. Much like the human race, the web grows and adapts to influence over time and without a helping hand every so often that adaptation can drift off course. It is important for those of us who live and love the internet to continue striving to help push it forward, iterate on the old and embrace the new.

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Developing WordPress Locally, a Smashing Magazine Post

Stoked to have this tutorial published on smashingmagazine! Hop on over and check out my walkthrough on developing WordPress in a local developer environment and deploying to a live server.

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How To Build a Joomla! Template

My newest tutorial, and probably my most in depth one yet, has just been published on NetTuts! I have wanted to get an article there for a while now, and am thrilled I finally have. Please go check it out and leave a comment, there or here.

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