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Custom Site Suspended Page in WordPress MultiSite

Here is another small plugin, WP Site Suspended. It is simply a simple way to alter the appearance and message that WordPress shows if you archive a site in MultiSite.

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WordPress Login Customizer Plugin

I wanted a simple way to be able to customize login pages for sites we make, thought I would clean it up and put it on GitHub in case anyone else looks for the same thing.

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WordPress Development Up and Running with Vagrant

There are a ton of great posts about Vagrant, this is meant to be a very quick tutorial on how I get up and running with it for WordPress development. Written from the viewpoint of a Mac, currently running Yosemite.

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My Dotfiles

So I just got a new computer, 13″ Retina MacBook Pro. I figured it would be a good time to spend the time setting up my dotfiles for quick setup and settings management.

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