I’m thatryan & I build stuff for the internet.

I like to tweet, write code and sometimes Google+.

I am a big fan of progressive enhancement and evolving web standards & also enjoy teaching in the form of tutorials attempting to give back to the community the way that I learned.

I do a lot of WordPress sites and I am an Approved Theme Modifier for Obox-Design and an Affiliated WooWorker for Woothemes.

I have been in web development for ten years now and am blessed to enjoy it more each day. I work in a field where the pursuit of knowledge and living on the bleeding edge offers both a challenge and promise of gratification in accomplishing something today what you struggled to do yesterday, and tomorrow you will think it old hat.

I am an early adopter, a Mac fanatic, a coffee drinker and devious thinker. (OK, so the last part was just to get the rhyme)

web developer, coffee lover, thing doer

web developer, coffee lover, thing doer